We want more people to play sports. By using our website you can quickly find others to play against. You can then keep track of your game results to see how active and competitive you really are.

Here's a few key features

Find opponents in your area


Don't be shy. There will be loads of players of all ages and ability to play against.

Monitor your own sporting ability


Where will your sports results rank you in your local area?

Set up a league of your own


Got some friends in school, work or locally you could organise into a league?

And that's just the beginning

We cover a wide range of sports from Tennis, Football, Golf to more recreational sports like Snooker, Darts and even Poker. So why not start today by submitting results in any of these sports between you, your family and friends.
Soon you could progress into the best player in your local area or even the Country!
Simply let your results prove it.

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